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 IPS Releases: IP.Board 2.2.1

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Tổng số bài gửi : 124
Age : 35
Group: : Super Moderator
Registration date : 22/02/2007

Bài gửiTiêu đề: IPS Releases: IP.Board 2.2.1   Thu Feb 22, 2007 10:23 pm

phiên bản IPB mới nhất với các bug sau được fix:
PM Block list upgrade error
Unserializing cache values is broken if using local cache
PM error in 2.2.0 final
Login Auth
[2.2.0]Bug with insert special items
Using pagination where field of the input is not st
HTML in reported post pm
2.2 Enabling Portal Breaks Announcements
Subs Manager: First transaction fails with dupe ID...
2.2.0 Search Bug?
Rebuild forum's posts
Who's Online In Chat
[2.2.0] IE7: Large pictures expand middle column in Profile Portal
IPB 2.2 Parachat/Chat Live bridge broken (even on this site)
Screenshots in profile tabs not resized
[2.2] Classic mode profiles: no photo
PM error
smilies problem
IPS Driver Error on search.
Auto-resize photos off
[2.2] Permission masks aren't sorted in any order
v2.1.x ACP Ban Finter > Email Address
Captcha code Case Sensitivity not explained
Typo in Security Center
TYPO in root admin group
skin_bugtracker templates?
2.2.0 Advanced CSS Tool Still Reversed
IP address tool issue?
Bug with custom profile fields on IPB 2.2 final
[2.2] using pecl-apc is causing warnings
2.2 CSS/Board Header & Footer Editor Bug
Help & Support tab
Quick Edit first post in a topic
Create New Skin Set
Quotes in "Reason for edit"

Download: (3.30 Mb)


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IPS Releases: IP.Board 2.2.1
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